PicnicHealth Unveils PicnicAI: A Platform Harnessing Generative AI for Unified Patient Records

Thursday, June 27, 2024

PicnicHealth has introduced PicnicAI, an innovative technology that unlocks the Universal Patient Record. This advanced platform aggregates medical records from across the United States and converts them into actionable data for both patients and researchers.

Powered by a proprietary LLM (Large Language Model), PicnicAI exceeds GPT-4 and other healthcare-specific models in accuracy, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness for tasks involving medical record structuring and comprehension.

PicnicAI serves as the foundation for PicnicHealth's offerings in patient care and life sciences. The PicnicHealth application utilizes PicnicAI to deliver personalized medical insights based on individual patient histories and needs.

In the realm of life sciences, PicnicAI supports observational research, speeding up study endpoints for biopharmaceutical companies through advanced AI technology.

According to Troy Astorino, CTO and co-founder of PicnicHealth, PicnicAI represents a significant advancement in personalized medicine.

After a decade of development, PicnicAI seamlessly consolidates and interprets comprehensive patient care journeys, pulling together records from various healthcare providers nationwide. This capability enables PicnicHealth to deliver clinical insights rapidly and at scale, transforming the utilization of patient records.

PicnicAI seamlessly integrates with all U.S. healthcare facilities, overcoming traditional challenges associated with fragmented or inaccessible patient data. Upon enrollment, PicnicAI provides nearly instant access to most records and ensures retrieval of over 95% of critical records within five days.

The LLM powering PicnicAI has been trained on a vast dataset, encompassing millions of annotations across more than a hundred thousand care sites, ensuring accurate abstraction of patient records into actionable insights.

Performance evaluations demonstrate PicnicAI's superiority in clinical named entity recognition, outperforming GPT-4 by threefold, and achieving a 47% improvement in record abstraction compared to leading medical LLMs.

Additionally, PicnicAI demonstrates a 90% increase in cost efficiency per record processed. The platform continuously refines its capabilities through rigorous validation processes, ensuring high-quality results even on complex datasets.

PicnicHealth remains committed to advancing PicnicAI's capabilities, aiming to redefine medical care and therapeutic development through unparalleled insights derived from its cutting-edge LLM technology.






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