Positron Corporation has recently acquired six Attrius® PET systems and components from Neusoft Positron Medical Systems

Tuesday, August 01, 2023

Positron Corporation a prominent medical device company specializing in PET imaging systems and clinical services, is pleased to announce a significant development. Through its Business Cooperative Partnership with Shenyang Intelligent Neuclear Medical Technology Co, a wholly owned subsidiary of Neusoft Medical Systems, Positron has agreed to purchase the current inventory from its PET Joint Venture partner, Neusoft Positron Medical Systems.

The purchase includes six (6) Attrius PET systems and all associated components, amounting to an estimated value of $6 million dollars. The Attrius components inventory contains a comprehensive range of parts, ensuring sufficient support for Attrius PET customers for the next decade.

Positron has already identified multiple nuclear cardiology practices interested in acquiring Attrius dedicated PET systems. To facilitate accessibility, the company has introduced a "Lease to Own/Services Program." This program offers customers the option to obtain an Attrius PET System along with Clinical & Technical Services for a fixed monthly fee over a four-year term. Upon completion of the lease, ownership of the system is transferred to the customer, along with an annual full services agreement at a guaranteed set price. The program's zero upfront Capex expense makes it an attractive and viable operational model for nuclear imaging cardiac PET practices in the industry.

Positron anticipates the acceptance of several Attrius systems with customers before the launch of its new PET-CT system in the coming months. Most customers are expected to participate in Positron's Attrius Lease to Own/Services Program.

Adel Abdullah, President of Positron, expressed enthusiasm for customers to take advantage of the Attrius PET system, services, training, and the new Lease to Own Program. He emphasized that Positron's objectives align with physicians' and practices' goals of delivering top-quality nuclear imaging care to patients through superior images, clinical services, and cost-effective pricing. The company aims to contribute to innovative solutions for physicians, practices, and hospitals, fostering the adoption of the PET modality and fueling future growth for Positron.

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