Principle Health Systems Enhances Its Reach by Incorporating BioStat Laboratory in Dallas Acquisition

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Principle Health Systems, a leading healthcare provider committed to improving patient outcomes and enhancing provider experiences, is pleased to share the news of its strategic acquisition of BioStat Laboratory, a well-established laboratory based in Dallas.

This acquisition aligns seamlessly with Principle Health Systems' mission to innovate laboratory services in Texas, fostering growth in the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) metroplex. With the inclusion of BioStat Laboratory, Principle Health Systems gains access to a proficient team that has consistently delivered exceptional services to the healthcare community in DFW. This strategic move enables the establishment of a comprehensive laboratory in the heart of DFW, elevating our capabilities to effectively serve the community. Our aim is to leverage advanced technology and introduce bedside STAT testing to provide a seamless and cutting-edge healthcare experience.

The team at BioStat is delighted to announce the successful integration of BioStat Laboratory into Principle Health Systems. As a distinguished provider known for its mobile laboratory services catering to long-term care and home health patients across six major markets in Texas, Principle Health Systems anticipates substantial growth through the addition of BioStat Laboratory's skilled team and expertise.

This acquisition signifies a significant step in Principle Health Systems' commitment to delivering top-notch healthcare solutions, and the company is eager to build upon BioStat Laboratory's legacy of excellence.


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