Quest Diagnostics Finalizes Acquisition of Select PathAI Diagnostics Lab Assets from PathAI, Advancing AI and Digital Pathology for Quicker Cancer Diagnosis

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Quest Diagnostics has completed its acquisition of PathAI Diagnostics from PathAI, aiming to advance the utilization of AI and digital pathology for improved cancer and disease diagnosis.

PathAI will continue as an independent company, focusing on advancing AI and digital pathology solutions for biopharmaceutical companies and pathology laboratories.

The acquisition will enable PathAI to scale its investments in AI technology and expand its software and algorithm business.

As part of the acquisition, the PathAI Diagnostics laboratory in Memphis has been rebranded as AmeriPath, becoming the national AI and digital R&D center supporting Quest's specialty pathology businesses, AmeriPath, and Dermpath Diagnostics.

PathAI will also maintain a separate research laboratory at the same site in Memphis, Tennessee, to support its biopharmaceutical clients.

Additionally, PathAI and Quest have formed separate agreements to accelerate the adoption of AI and digital pathology. Quest will license PathAI's AISight™ digital pathology image management system to support its pathology laboratories and customer sites in the United States.

Quest is also designated as the preferred partner for lab services for PathAI's biopharmaceutical clients. Furthermore, both companies may collaborate on developing AI algorithms with potential research and clinical applications.

Quest has a track record of strategic AI and automation deployment, having implemented these technologies across various laboratory and business functions to enhance quality, efficiency, and customer and employee experiences.






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