Ra Medical's Electrophysiology Division Announces First Use of New Product

Monday, March 06, 2023

Ra Medical Systems, Inc., announced today that its wholly owned subsidiary, Catheter Precision, Inc., has announced the first series of procedures using the new LockeT device. Catheter Precision announced that shipping would begin on the week of February 13th and the first procedures would begin shortly thereafter. Within the first week, about thirty of the LockeT devices were used in electrophysiology procedures.

LockeT is used in procedures that require internal access via a venous puncture. These procedures are often associated with catheter insertion, such as those done during electrophysiology procedures like atrial fibrillation or ventricular tachycardias. The first thirty devices were used in the closure of percutaneous sites during procedures that included atrial fibrillation ablations, Watchman™ procedures, and a Lariat™ procedure. The Watchman and Lariat procedures are generally classified as structural heart procedures, as these devices are used for occlusion of the heart's left atrial appendage.

"Whenever a new product is used for the first time, it is exciting", said David Jenkins, CEO. "Gathering the initial feedback from physicians and seeing months of development work come to fruition is fulfilling not just for Catheter Precision, but for patients, because it provides physicians with new options that may provide more benefits. Adding LockeT to our product portfolio allows us to positively impact millions of patients and provide physicians with easy to use, cost effective alternatives to existing products and can be used in different procedures, with both small and large catheter insertion sites."



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