RADPAIR and NewVue Establish Innovative Partnership to Enhance Radiologist Wellbeing and Workflow Efficiency

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

RADPAIR and NewVue have unveiled an unprecedented partnership in the radiology sector. This collaboration integrates RADPAIR's advanced AI diagnostic reporting capabilities into NewVue's workflow orchestrator, creating the first cloud-native solution in the industry.

Its aim is to enhance radiologists' well-being and job satisfaction while improving workflow efficiency and report quality.

The joint initiative promises to revolutionize how radiologists and practices interact with worklists, manage clinical information, dictate reports, follow up on cases, and track productivity. Utilizing AI and large language models (LLMs), this next-generation cloud product offers an innovative, efficient, and user-friendly experience.

EmpowerSuite, a pivotal feature of the collaboration, automatically generates personalized worklists based on radiologists' profiles, including specialties, credentials, insurance coverage, shifts, and location.

This departure from traditional methods ensures more flexible workload management, tailored to individual preferences, thus boosting job satisfaction.

Studies initiated from the worklist integrate seamlessly with PACS and the EmpowerSuite Clinical Information screen. This integrated "radiologist cockpit" uses AI to summarize prior reports and clinical data, streamlining workflow and saving time.

It also hosts RADPAIR's AI-powered reporting system, which generates reports from conversational inputs. Features such as automatic reporting and dynamic editing allow for near real-time report generation and easy revisions, enhancing efficiency.

Their commitment to improving radiologists' experiences: "We aim to enhance report quality and radiologists' work satisfaction with innovations like our PAIR Insights classification system."

CEO of NewVue, highlighted the partnership's transformative potential: "Integrating RADPAIR's technology into our workflow orchestrator sets a new standard for efficiency and radiologist well-being."

Together, RADPAIR and NewVue are poised to redefine radiology practices with a solution that prioritizes operational efficiency and radiologist satisfaction.


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