RayStation Facilitates Inaugural Radiotherapy Treatment with Hitachi's OXRAY System

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

RaySearch Laboratories AB (publ) has achieved a significant milestone in radiotherapy technology with the world's inaugural clinical treatment using OXRAY, a novel treatment machine from Hitachi. This historic event occurred on June 17 at Narita Memorial Hospital in Toyohashi, Japan.

OXRAY introduces an innovative radiotherapy system featuring a Gimbal-mounted beam delivery system.

RayStation, developed by RaySearch, played a crucial role by driving its motion tracking capabilities, dual-source CBCT image-guided radiotherapy for precise patient positioning, and dynamic swing arc functionalities.

Developed in collaboration with Kyoto University Hospital, the integration of OXRAY into RayStation highlights the seamless partnership between RaySearch and Hitachi.

By combining OXRAY's cutting-edge capabilities with RayStation's advanced planning software, healthcare providers can achieve unparalleled precision and adaptability in radiation therapy, ultimately ensuring optimal patient outcomes.

The Meiyo-kai Narita Memorial Hospital group, expressed enthusiasm: "The introduction of the OXRAY system is pivotal for addressing the diverse challenges we encounter daily. We anticipate the transformative impact of OXRAY and RayStation on our treatment solutions."

"OXRAY represents an extraordinary convergence of advanced radiotherapy technologies. Through its integration of non-coplanar treatments, superior imaging, a conventional MLC, and real-time tracking, OXRAY sets a new benchmark in precision and versatility."

"Our collaboration underscores RaySearch's dedication to pioneering solutions that elevate cancer treatment standards."


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