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Regional Hospitals Select The Blood Connection as Their Exclusive Blood Provider

Monday, July 24, 2023

The Blood Connection (TBC), an independent non-profit community blood center, has recently announced a new partnership to serve as the exclusive blood provider for regional hospitals across Georgia and South Carolina within a large healthcare system. This collaboration strengthens TBC's existing relationships with these hospitals and expands its services to include five more hospitals, making it the sole provider for these facilities. TBC was selected as the exclusive provider by one of the nation's leading healthcare service providers due to its demonstrated ability to maintain a reliable and stable blood supply, even during the challenges posed by the pandemic. This reliability is vital in ensuring that trauma victims and patients in need of blood transfusions receive prompt and adequate care.

The hospitals that TBC will now serve as the sole blood provider include: Fairview Park Hospital, Doctors Hospital of Augusta, Memorial Health Meadows, Memorial Satilla Health, and Memorial Health University Medical Center. Additionally, TBC's partnership as the exclusive provider has been extended to Trident Regional Medical Center, Summerville Medical Center, Colleton Medical Center, and Grand Strand Medical Center. Together, these hospitals treat hundreds of thousands of patients annually.

Originally known as Carolina-Georgia Blood Center, TBC has been a non-profit 501(c)(3) community blood center for six decades. Its initial purpose was to supply blood to small hospitals in Georgia and South Carolina, leading to its transformation into The Blood Connection. Presently, TBC is the primary blood provider for over 120 hospitals in South Carolina, North Carolina, and parts of Georgia. Operating 15 blood donation centers and 50 bloodmobile units, TBC collects approximately 1,000 blood donations daily. This new partnership assures local blood donors that their contributions will support their community's healthcare needs.

Delisa English, President & CEO of The Blood Connection, expressed pride in serving hospital partners and ensuring a sufficient blood supply for all patients in need. Highlighting the crucial role of blood donations, English emphasized that there is no substitute for blood, and the organization relies on community donors and supportive organizations to maintain a stable local blood supply. Despite challenges like historically low donor turnout post-COVID, TBC has remained steadfast in its commitment to local hospitals, ensuring that blood products are readily available through volunteer donors.

The importance of blood donation is underlined by the fact that every two seconds, someone in the U.S. requires a blood transfusion, while only three percent of the eligible population donates blood. A staggering 4.5 million Americans rely on blood donations each year, including surgery patients, accident victims, cancer patients, and newborn babies. While TBC is responsible for maintaining a stable blood supply, it cannot replicate blood – it must come from donors. Thus, TBC urges the community to donate blood to ensure hospitals' needs are consistently met, as it is the generosity of neighbors through blood donation that makes a tangible impact on lives.

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