Res Nova Bio Inc Uncovers New Mechanism of Action for Breast Cancer Immunotherapy Adjuvant FloraStilbene™, a Therapeutic Solutions International Subsidiary

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc. announced a groundbreaking development from its subsidiary, Res Nova Bio, Inc., focused on breast cancer immuno-oncology. The company has successfully identified and filed a patent for a novel mechanism of action related to their immunotherapy-enhancing product, FloraStilbene™.

Through a series of experiments, the company demonstrated that FloraStilbene™, a proprietary blend of pterostilbene and the active ingredient in the abortion pill, mifepristone, effectively suppresses T cell activity loss caused by growing breast cancer. This suppression helps prevent the degradation of a protein called the "T cell receptor zeta chain," which has a significant impact on T cell function. Prior research has indicated that breast cancer patients with higher levels of this protein tend to have superior survival rates compared to those with lower levels.

Dr. James Veltmeyer, Chief Medical Officer of the company and co-inventor of the patent, expressed optimism about the potential impact of these findings on breast cancer treatment. The data forms the basis for their proposed clinical trial, which aims to enhance the efficacy of immunotherapy—a groundbreaking medical approach that has led to remarkable cancer cures.

President and CEO of Therapeutic Solutions International, Timothy Dixon, also a co-inventor, highlighted the company's history of advancing cancer immunotherapy, including patents related to the use of pterostilbene in augmenting immunotherapy's therapeutic index. He praised the progress made by Ms. Ramos and her team, bringing them closer to initiating clinical trials.

Famela Ramos, President and CEO of Res Nova Bio and co-inventor, emphasized the potential of optimizing existing cancer medications through immunotherapy. She noted the importance of addressing systemic immune defects caused by cancer as a crucial step in refining immunotherapy for breast cancer patients. The clinical development of FloraStilbene™ aims to achieve this goal, representing a significant milestone in breast cancer treatment research.

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