Restor3d Advances Personalized Portfolio Post Conformis Acquisition

Tuesday, January 16, 2024

restor3d, Inc. has successfully concluded its acquisition of Conformis, Inc., marking a pivotal moment in the orthopedic industry. This merger opens up vast possibilities for delivering cost-effective and clinically distinctive solutions in the field of orthopedics, particularly in the context of total knee replacement.

A noteworthy advancement is the transition from conventional casting methods to 3D printing for patient-specific femoral implants at restor3d's facility in Durham, NC. This shift not only significantly reduces costs but also demonstrates improved mechanical properties compared to traditional cast implants. The successful commercialization of this additive manufacturing technique represents a breakthrough in femoral implant technology.

Additionally, the statement underscores the crucial role of implant design in achieving enhanced outcomes for patients. A board-certified orthopedic surgeon from Portsmouth Regional Hospital emphasizes the evolution of total knee replacement into a personalized era. The innovation lies in customizing femoral implants through 3D printing, aiming to optimize form and fit for a more natural and comfortable experience for patients undergoing knee replacement procedures.

To sum up, the finalized acquisition, coupled with the successful implementation of 3D printing for patient-specific femoral implants, signifies a significant leap forward in orthopedics. The emphasis on personalization and inventive implant design is poised to elevate outcomes for patients undergoing total knee replacement procedures.





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