Roche and Hitachi High-Tech Strengthen Long-Term Collaboration for Diagnostic Advancements

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Roche and Hitachi High-Tech have decided to extend their partnership for at least another ten years. This renewal demonstrates their joint commitment to advancing medical technology and enhancing patient care through innovative diagnostics solutions.

Since 1978, Roche and Hitachi High-Tech have collaborated to bring pioneering innovations to the field of in-vitro diagnostics. Their combined efforts have transformed clinical laboratory practices, introducing groundbreaking technologies like the world's first multi-channel analyzer and advancements in immunology automation.

These innovations have not only addressed logistical challenges but have also empowered healthcare systems to provide essential care to patients more efficiently.

Head of Roche Diagnostic Solutions, expressed excitement about the renewed agreement, highlighting the extensive installed base of over 84,000 diagnostic platforms worldwide. This widespread infrastructure accelerates testing processes, enabling healthcare providers to meet patient needs promptly.

Commitment to driving innovation in the global diagnostics market. Their collaboration aims to expand the utility of in-vitro diagnostics in healthcare, ensuring accurate and timely diagnoses for millions of patients.

The partnership has facilitated the performance of over 21 billion tests annually on Roche systems, with expectations of continued growth. Through automated processes, manual intervention is minimized, enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and reliability.

Looking ahead, Roche and Hitachi High-Tech plan to introduce innovative analytical units such as the cobas® c 703 and cobas® ISE neo for cobas® pro integrated solutions. These advancements will bolster testing capacity and enable precise diagnoses worldwide.

Additionally, the integration of fully-automated mass spectrometry into routine laboratory practices with the cobas® Mass Spec solution will further expand access to advanced clinical applications.

These advancements redefine the landscape of diagnostic delivery, fostering sustainability and resilience in global health systems. The renewed partnership underscores Roche and Hitachi High-Tech's shared vision to explore new technologies that enhance laboratory efficiencies, support clinical decision-making, and ensure widespread access to rapid and reliable diagnostics, ultimately promoting longer and healthier lives.


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