Roche and Sysmex Strengthen Long-Term Alliance with Expanded Partnership

Friday, August 04, 2023

Roche recently announced the expansion of its longstanding Global Business Partnership Agreement with Sysmex. The renewed agreement demonstrates a strong commitment to their partnership, with Roche continuing to provide Sysmex's hematology products as part of its comprehensive lab solutions portfolio.

The updated non-exclusive agreement also introduces a new aspect of collaboration, focusing on exploring more sustainable diagnostic solutions. Both companies are dedicated to extending their partnership beyond the current portfolio and striving for eco-friendly advancements.

Matt Sause, CEO of Roche Diagnostics, expressed enthusiasm for the expansion of the 25-year partnership with Sysmex, especially in the fields of hematology and sustainable diagnostics solutions. Both companies have a track record of delivering reliable and innovative solutions for patients.

Kaoru Asano, President of Sysmex Corporation, also expressed pleasure in renewing the partnership with Roche, reaffirming their commitment to long-term collaboration. The new emphasis on addressing eco-social challenges represents a significant milestone in advancing their alliance, benefiting laboratory customers and contributing to a sustainable society.

Roche and Sysmex initiated their commercial and research collaboration in 1998, steadily expanding their partnership. In 2020, they signed the Global Business Partnership Agreement to enhance their collaboration and improve customer experience. With the renewed terms and expanded scope in 2023, both companies reaffirm their dedication to building a more sustainable future for society.

Roche remains dedicated to supporting advancements in hematology testing, providing valuable assistance to patients in diagnosing and managing blood disorders, including anemia and leukemia. The Global Business Partnership Agreement between Roche and Sysmex aims to benefit patients in need of diagnostic solutions and enhance testing efficiency and effectiveness for laboratories through integrated in-vitro diagnostic technologies."

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