SAIL Fusion Introduces BowTie™ Sacroiliac Fusion System for Commercial Launch in the U.S

Thursday, June 13, 2024

SAIL Fusion, a company specializing in medical devices for treating sacroiliac joint dysfunction based on AO principles, has launched its BowTie Sacroiliac Fusion System in the United States.

This innovative technology is the first of its kind to integrate intra-articular and transfixing components, rooted in validated joint fusion principles from the AO foundation.

The inaugural domestic surgery on June 11th at The Spine Center of Excellence in Shreveport, Louisiana.

The BowTie technology uses a posterior-inferior surgical approach to adhere to AO-based principles, focusing on minimal tissue disruption, meticulous joint preparation, and secure fixation for robust arthrodesis.

Featuring a unique bowtie shape, it incorporates integrated transfixation and iliac screws for enhanced rigidity. The device also utilizes proprietary porous structures and roughened surface technologies to facilitate osteointegration.

Today’s surgery marks the beginning of a limited commercial release phase that will expand in the coming months.

Goal is to achieve optimal fusion with proper biomechanics. BowTie incorporates best practices for joint fusion by directly preparing the sacrum and ilium, ensuring well-vascularized bone for early osseointegration.

The device includes three biomechanical fixations: the BowTie for interlocking fixation, iliac screws, and transfixation screws spanning from the ilium to the sacrum, offering a high fusion success rate."

The U.S. launch, stating, “This marks a significant milestone in meeting surgeons’ demand for AO principles in SI fusion procedures.

Today represents a pivotal step in revolutionizing the SI fusion industry, traditionally relying on lateral devices more suited for stabilization than genuine joint fusion.”



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