Salvo Health and Pinnacle GI Partners Join Forces to Innovate Comprehensive GI Patient Care

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Salvo Health and Pinnacle GI Partners have come together in a significant partnership to enhance patient care offerings in Michigan's Lansing and Detroit regions.

This collaboration aims to provide comprehensive support for patients dealing with chronic gastrointestinal (GI) conditions like IBS, obesity, and metabolic liver disorders (MASH/MASLD).

By integrating advanced technology and adopting a holistic approach to healthcare, Salvo Health and Pinnacle GI Partners aim to address the growing demand for GI services amidst a shortage of gastroenterologists in the US.

Through this partnership, patients will have access to a dedicated care team, including nurses, registered dietitians, and other specialists, coordinated under the supervision of their Pinnacle physician.

Central to this collaboration is the utilization of Salvo Health's mobile app, which enables patients to track their personalized care plans and communicate with their care team seven days a week.

The multidisciplinary approach adopted by Salvo Health ensures that patients receive comprehensive support beyond their appointments, encompassing nutrition, exercise, stress management, sleep, and other evidence-based lifestyle interventions.

One key focus of the partnership is assisting patients with obesity and related metabolic liver conditions. By combining medical interventions with lifestyle modifications, such as nutrition adjustments and resistance training, patients can achieve sustainable weight loss and manage their conditions effectively.

The alliance between Pinnacle GI Partners and Salvo Health exemplifies a shared dedication to patient-centered care and innovation.

Through the integration of technology and collaboration, the partnership aims to raise the bar for healthcare delivery, ultimately improving the well-being of individuals within the community.


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