Saphetor and ICON Join Forces to Create Innovative Data-Driven Precision Medicine Clinical Trial Approach to Better Serve Unique Patients

Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Saphetor SA has recently entered into a collaborative agreement with ICON, a prominent healthcare intelligence and clinical research organization. Together, they aim to develop an innovative approach to support the planning and execution of clinical trials in the precision medicine and rare diseases field. The primary focus of this partnership is to explore the extended applications of Saphetor's variant interpretation platform,, specifically in terms of epidemiology, prevalence, and the geographical distribution of genetic mutations. This exploration will contribute to enhancing patient recruitment and overall clinical trial strategy.

Saphetor has introduced VarSome Insights, a precision medicine service that allows clients to incorporate search data as part of a comprehensive clinical trial strategy. is widely used by healthcare professionals and researchers in over 150 countries across six continents, offering comprehensive information on genetic variants of interest.

Patient Recruitment: users can choose to share their data with third parties managing relevant clinical studies, and an impressive 80% of's user base has consented to this. When a user's search query aligns with the enrolment criteria of an approved clinical study, the clinical study enrolment team can reach out to the user.

Disease Awareness and Education: offers supplementary information about genetic variants linked to diseases. This includes educational materials addressing common misdiagnoses and details about ongoing clinical trials and studies.

Site Selection: search metadata includes geographic information, which assists ICON in making informed decisions about clinical site selection. They can identify locations with a high concentration of potential cases.

Prevalence Mapping: VarSome Insights is proven to be a powerful and cost-effective tool for mapping disease prevalence. The search query data can generate prevalence maps comparable to those created using published cases, but it also extends its reach to countries that may have limited representation in scientific journals.

In summary, the collaboration between Saphetor SA and ICON harnesses the capabilities of and VarSome Insights to enhance the planning and execution of clinical trials in the precision medicine and rare diseases domain.


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