Scientific Innovators Spearhead the Advancement of Multi-Disease Rapid Tests as EDX Medical PLC Successfully Concludes the Acquisition of Hutano Diagnostics Ltd

Thursday, September 28, 2023

Leading scientists in Cambridge and Oxford are collaborating on an innovative project to develop a next-generation of rapid healthcare tests capable of detecting and profiling a wide array of diseases within minutes. These compact tests are anticipated to empower healthcare professionals to identify up to 10 different disease markers simultaneously, marking a significant advancement in point-of-care diagnostics.

These advanced point-of-care tests are designed for use by healthcare professionals in various settings, enabling early detection and detailed characterization of conditions such as cancer, infections, and cardiovascular diseases. These tests allow for the integration of multiple assays on a single smartphone-readable device, facilitating real-time clinical decision-making and potentially leading to improved patient outcomes.

These tests represent a notable improvement over existing lateral flow test technology, offering faster and more cost-effective detection of multiple disease markers compared to traditional laboratory assays. The novel testing device will contain an array of highly sensitive nano-scale "mini-tests," each of which can replace a conventional lateral flow or laboratory test. The use of smartphone camera technology for result interpretation will set new standards for point-of-care clinical testing, enhancing accuracy, speed, and security.

EDX Medical Group PLC, headquartered in Cambridge, has lauded these tests as transformative for patients and healthcare providers alike. This announcement follows EDX Medical's recent acquisition of Hutano Diagnostics Ltd, based in Oxford, UK, and the establishment of a dedicated Point-of-Care Innovation team aimed at expanding and accelerating the development of these new tests, leveraging EDX's expertise in smartphone technology.

Hutano Diagnostics Ltd, founded in 2018 by Atherton Mutombwera and Professor William James, has assembled a team of highly accomplished scientists and collaborators at the University of Oxford within its Oxford laboratory. Their mission has been to disrupt the lateral flow test market through innovative technology.

Professor Sir Chris Evans, OBE, the founder of EDX Medical, expressed great enthusiasm for the potential of making advanced point-of-care tests accessible to patients worldwide. He emphasized the collaborative efforts of scientists at Oxford and Cambridge as a driving force behind this initiative, highlighting Hutano's ambition and technology as essential in developing unique tests that, in combination with EDX's chemistry and smartphone proficiency, will yield groundbreaking digital diagnostic products.

Dr. Mike Hudson, CEO of EDX Medical, underscored that the combined expertise and resources of the group position them uniquely to expedite the introduction of clinically significant products and establish a new global standard in point-of-care testing.

Atherton Mutombwera, Founder and CEO of Hutano Diagnostics Ltd, expressed optimism about the partnership with EDX Medical Group PLC, emphasizing the potential to revolutionize digital point-of-care diagnostics. This collaboration offers access to the necessary resources, expertise, and global reach to bring their innovations to a wider audience and drive positive transformation in the healthcare landscape.



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