Sengenics Broadens Its Systems Serology Tools to Enable the Detection of a Wider Range of Autoantibody Biomarkers

Thursday, December 01, 2022

Sengenics announced the commercial launch of Dual-Color IgG/IgA Assay Services. The new Dual-Color Assays accelerate the pace and expand the biological space in the quest to discover new autoantibody biomarkers.

The Dual-Color IgG/IgA Assays enable the simultaneous and sensitive detection of IgG and IgA autoantibodies with exquisite specificity from very low sample volume input. Dual-Color Assays Services are now available with all Sengenics protein arrays, which are based on the patented KREX protein folding technology and are designed for highly specific and reproducible discovery of autoantibody biomarkers.

The Dual-Color Assays are powered by expert bioinformatic and machine learning-based data analysis services, leading to the identification of biomarker signatures. The new Dual-Color Assay Services expand the view of disease biology and accelerate autoantibody biomarker discovery across the autoimmune disease, immuno-oncology and neuroinflammation fields.

“Antigen-specific differential IgG and IgA titers measured in human specimens are not predicted by bulk serum IgG/IgA ratios yet contribute important detail regarding the functionality of antibody responses in disease,” said Professor Jonathan Blackburn, Sengenics’ CSO. “Sengenics’ new, quantitative Dual-Color IgG/IgA Assays thus provide additional, discrete layers of information on humoral immune responses across many disease areas, including cancers, autoimmune diseases, infectious disease and neurological disorders. Our new assays – which run on all our protein microarray products - therefore now enable researchers to derive deeper insight into the immune responses to disease, expanding their ability to discover and validate novel antibody biomarker signatures for patient stratification, prediction of therapeutic response and prediction of organ-specific adverse events,” he added.

The Dual Color IgG/IgA Assay Services expands Sengenics’ systems serology tools enabling a deeper dive into the humoral immune response.

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