Europeanhhm Unveils Pioneering Brain Training Solution Tailored for At-Home Use

Tuesday, October 24, 2023, a pioneering company specializing in neurofeedback and personalized brain-training solutions, has announced its global launch their brain training system, considered among the best in its class, includes a headset and an engaging app experience designed to deliver tangible progress, boost cognitive performance, enhance inner well-being, and provide profound insights. This unique technology integrates advanced neurofeedback training, heart coherence training, transcranial photobiomodulation (light stimulation), brain function performance testing, and meditation training, making it the most advanced and personalized system available. offers these five core components in a closed-loop system, continuously monitoring and adapting to the user's real-time biosignals, offering actionable feedback and results.

One distinctive aspect of's approach is the integration of ERPs (event-related potentials), which are electrical signals generated by the brain in response to specific stimuli or events. This integration provides valuable insights into cognitive processes, attention, memory, and sensory perception, giving a unique advantage over traditional cognitive training methods by offering a level of precision and personalization previously unattainable. This revolutionary technology has the potential to enhance various aspects of life, from academic achievement to professional success, personal relationships, and self-realization.

Paola Elfer, the founder of, set out on this journey to help individuals tap into the transformative power of neurofeedback, enhancing critical moments in life. As a serial entrepreneur and a female founder with an impressive background in electrical engineering and chip design, Paola's motivation for this innovation stems from a deeply personal, life-altering incident that drove her to search for solutions to restore her brain's optimal functioning.



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