Sensorum Health and Intermountain Health Partner to Improve Care for Older Adults with Chronic Conditions

Friday, March 29, 2024

The collaboration between Sensorum Health and Intermountain Health marks a significant advancement in addressing the complex healthcare needs of older adults managing multiple chronic conditions. By combining Sensorum Health's remote monitoring technology and integrated clinical staff with Intermountain's expertise in clinical quality improvement and patient-centered care, the partnership aims to enhance health outcomes and primary care accessibility for this vulnerable demographic.

The partnership's foundation lies in the understanding that older adults with multiple chronic conditions often encounter significant hurdles in managing their health and accessing timely care. These individuals face an elevated risk of avoidable hospitalizations, and conventional healthcare delivery models may not adequately cater to their needs. Sensorum Health's integration of advanced remote monitoring technology and specialized clinical staff seeks to detect early signs of emerging health issues, facilitating prompt interventions by primary care providers.

Intermountain Health's objectives in this collaboration align with its overarching goal of improving health outcomes and patient experiences. By leveraging Sensorum Health's solution, Intermountain aims to prevent unnecessary hospitalizations stemming from chronic disease exacerbations and other common conditions. This proactive approach benefits patients by reducing stress, improving quality of life, and lessening burdens on the healthcare system by minimizing avoidable hospital visits.

A notable aspect of Sensorum Health's technology is its ability to identify patients' declining health status before they may recognize it themselves. This early detection enables timely follow-up care and interventions by a central care team, preventing the escalation of health issues and the need for emergency care. Importantly, Sensorum Health's solution is designed to be user-friendly and non-disruptive, seamlessly integrating into older adults' daily routines without requiring them to adopt unfamiliar technology.

Overall, the partnership between Sensorum Health and Intermountain Health presents an opportunity to transform the primary care experience for older adults managing multiple chronic conditions. By integrating innovative technology with patient-centered care approaches, the collaboration aims to improve health outcomes, enhance care accessibility, and empower individuals to lead healthier lives while maintaining their independence.


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