ShiftMed Debuts ShiftAdvisor: Empowering Nurses with an AI-Driven, Tailored Scheduling Solution

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

ShiftMed, a prominent player in on-demand workforce technology, announces the debut of ShiftAdvisor, an AI-driven feature designed to revolutionize nurse scheduling and enhance operational efficiency in healthcare facilities. This innovative solution aims to create a mutually beneficial scenario for healthcare professionals (HCPs) and facilities by optimizing shift arrangements, mitigating cancellation risks, and facilitating optimal staffing levels.

Central to ShiftAdvisor is its advanced shift selection process, leveraging AI algorithms that seamlessly align with the unique skills and financial objectives of HCPs. This not only ensures that providers find the most suitable shifts but also minimizes the risk of cancellations. The system introduces a personalized shift recommendation feature, serving as a dual-purpose tool that not only saves time but also strategically assists providers in optimizing their work schedules.

The core of ShiftAdvisor lies in its emphasis on personalization, empowering HCPs with AI-driven suggestions tailored to their distinct preferences. This personalized approach allows healthcare professionals to make informed decisions, contributing to a more satisfying and financially rewarding work experience. By placing control in the hands of providers, ShiftAdvisor exemplifies a commitment to user-centric solutions.

This two-pronged strategy underscores ShiftMed's dedication to delivering a seamless scheduling experience for both healthcare professionals and facilities on the platform. The company's remarkable growth and strategic partnerships, including collaborations with respected institutions such as SSM Health, Hennepin Healthcare, and Presbyterian Healthcare Services, further reinforce its position as an industry leader.





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