Shine Technologies and Curadh MTR Announce Expanded Strategic Partnership to Advance Cancer Therapies using Terbium and Lutetium

Monday, September 11, 2023

SHINE Technologies, a pioneer in nuclear fusion technologies, and Curadh MTR Inc. (Curadh), renowned for their expertise in molecularly targeted radiation (MTR), have announced an extended long-term supply agreement for medical isotopes that is poised to transform the landscape of cancer treatments.

This expanded agreement involves SHINE Technologies supplying Curadh with non-carrier-added Lutetium-177, with provisions for the future supply of Terbium-161. Terbium-161 is a vital radioisotope employed for precisely targeting and eradicating cancer cells. The secure and pure supply of Terbium-161 is of paramount importance to Curadh as it drives their ongoing innovations in the field of cancer therapy.

This mutually advantageous partnership is further fortified by SHINE's recent announcement regarding terbium isotopes for nuclear medicine applications. The commercial-scale production of Terbium-161 holds substantial potential benefits for the field of theranostics. Curadh intends to focus its research and development efforts on utilizing this novel isotope in molecularly targeted therapies for solid tumors.

Molecularly targeted radiation therapy represents a promising and innovative approach to treating cancer patients, particularly those with metastatic diseases. Terbium's unique properties make it an ideal choice for both imaging and targeted radiation therapy.

Dr. Alison Armour, CEO of Curadh, expressed her enthusiasm about the expanded partnership, stating, "We are delighted to enhance our strategic collaboration in nuclear and medical fields with SHINE Technologies, a leader in nuclear technologies. This collaboration extends beyond a mere supply agreement. Both SHINE and Curadh are deeply committed to advancing innovation in this domain by harnessing novel targets and isotopes. Expanding our agreement with SHINE to encompass potential future supplies of Terbium-161 represents a pivotal step in accelerating the clinical development of our MTR therapies and making them accessible to provide innovative treatment options for cancer patients facing critical needs."

Greg Piefer, founder and CEO of SHINE, echoed this sentiment, saying, "We are dedicated to developing innovative technologies and fostering strategic partnerships that enhance lives worldwide. Together, we stand poised to address the evolving needs of patients who rely on these groundbreaking therapies, with their well-being remaining central to our mission. This partnership signifies a significant stride in our shared goal of making a positive impact on lives and promoting a healthier future."

With the assistance of SHINE, Curadh remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering the highest quality care to cancer patients. This collaborative effort empowers their specialized team to continue their groundbreaking work in developing novel and innovative treatments for the benefit of patients worldwide.

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