ShiraTronics Achieves Milestone: First Implant of Innovative Chronic Migraine System.

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

ShiraTronics, an innovative clinical-stage medical device company, made a significant announcement today, marking a historic achievement by successfully implanting its Chronic Migraine System in the first six patients globally. This milestone signifies a major advancement in neuromodulation, as the company introduces the world's inaugural fully implantable system for head location through a minimally invasive approach. Chronic migraines, identified as the second leading cause of disability worldwide and the primary cause among pre-menopausal women, pose a substantial health challenge.

Approximately 2% of the global population experiences chronic migraine attacks, enduring debilitating symptoms such as severe headaches, nausea, and light sensitivity for a minimum of 15 days each month, significantly impacting their overall well-being. Current treatments often provide limited relief, underscoring the urgent need for innovative solutions. In response to this challenge, ShiraTronics has developed a system tailored to address the incapacitating symptoms faced by these patients. Witnessing the evolution of this inventive approach to chronic migraine treatment is both gratifying and humbling.

Originating as a visionary concept from a group of creative physicians, it has now materialized into a tangible reality with the potential to restore the quality of life for many enduring this debilitating condition. The successful achievement of this crucial milestone validates all facets of our procedure, system, and therapy settings. Particularly encouraging is the fact that all six patients who completed the trial procedure opted for the permanent implantation of the ShiraTronics system.





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