Shoulder Innovations Reveals New Humeral Preoperative Planning Tool: ProVoyance Shoulder

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Shoulder Innovations, a leader in the shoulder replacement implant market, just announced the launch of humeral planning capabilities on its ProVoyance Shoulder Software Planning platform.

This new feature, recently cleared by the FDA, aims to enhance preoperative planning for shoulder surgeons by enabling precise planning of all available InSet™ humeral stems, including the latest InSet™ 95 Stem.

The ProVoyance Shoulder platform is known for its integration of advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies, converting CT images into accurate 3D reconstructions of the shoulder anatomy.

CEO of Shoulder Innovations, emphasized the significance of this achievement, highlighting that ProVoyance was the first musculoskeletal application to navigate the rigorous FDA approval process under the QIH classification code, designated for AI-enabled software applications.

The ProVoyance platform has proven to be an invaluable tool for surgeons in achieving favorable outcomes for patients, with over 90% of SI surgeries planned through the platform.

The addition of humeral planning further enhances its utility and engagement as a best-in-class solution.

With humeral planning, surgeons now have a powerful software tool to tailor surgical strategies to individual patient anatomy, ultimately aiming to improve outcomes.

Explains that ProVoyance Humeral Planning Software extends the same cutting-edge technology that enhances a surgeon's ability to accurately reconstruct the glenoid to the humerus.

Surgeons can efficiently plan, predict, and execute humeral reconstruction, exploring any humeral implants from the Shoulder Innovations portfolio. This ensures precise restoration of anatomy and enhances operative efficiency for the entire operating team.


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