SimonMed Imaging Integrates 3rd Generation iCAD Breast AI 3.0

Friday, June 30, 2023

SimonMed Imaging, a major outpatient imaging provider in the United States, has announced the successful implementation of its third-generation breast artificial intelligence (AI) program using ProFound AI® 3.0 developed by iCAD. This FDA-approved software enhances the sensitivity of detecting early-stage breast cancer on 3D mammograms.

The development of ProFound AI Version 3.0 involved the analysis of over five million images from 30,000 cases, including nearly 8,000 biopsy-proven cancers. Furthermore, it underwent validation using approximately one million images from 3,500 cases, including 1,200 biopsy-proven cancers.

Dr. John Simon, Founder and CEO of SimonMed, expressed their commitment to utilizing AI and advanced imaging technologies to improve early breast cancer detection. Both published studies and internal research have shown that iCAD ProFound AI significantly enhances early cancer detection. As SimonMed transitions to the third generation of the software, Dr. Simon highlighted the improved sensitivity and rapid results achieved.

Dr. Simon further emphasized SimonMed's dedication to ensuring patients can benefit from this life-saving technology without additional financial burden. Unlike other providers who may charge extra fees, SimonMed aims to make the technology accessible to all patients.

The collaboration between SimonMed Imaging and iCAD has been ongoing, leading to the successful development and implementation of the first, second, and now third generation of AI breast software for the detection of early-stage breast cancer.


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