Singleron Unveils Two New Instruments to Advance Standardization of Single-Cell Analysis Workflow

Saturday, June 17, 2023

Singleron, a trusted partner for scientists and clinicians, is dedicated to advancing scientific research with their innovative single-cell multi-omics products. They have recently introduced two new instruments to expand their portfolio and provide comprehensive solutions for the single-cell sequencing workflow.

The Python Junior instrument is designed to streamline the dissociation process from solid tissue to high-quality single-cell suspension. It combines mechanical treatment and enzymatic digestion, offering flexibility with two independent channels and programmable options. Python Junior can efficiently dissociate various tissue types and accommodate different input volumes, making it particularly suitable for processing clinical samples.

NEO, the second instrument, simplifies the construction of single-cell sequencing libraries. It provides fully automated chip priming, cell partitioning, cell lysis, and nucleic acid capture, reducing manual intervention. NEO is compatible with Singleron's unique single-cell multi-omics solutions and offers high throughput, with the ability to process up to half a million cells in one run across four independent channels. This flexibility allows simultaneous chip running with different throughputs and applications.

Standardization and automation are essential for the integration of new technologies into clinical settings. Singleron's new instruments are designed with these requirements in mind, bringing single-cell sequencing closer to applications in precision medicine. By providing reliable and accessible solutions, Singleron empowers scientists and clinicians to leverage single-cell genomics for research and clinical diagnostics.


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