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Smart Meter's Cellular-Enabled Connected Health Devices Now Integrated with Validic

Monday, February 26, 2024

Validic, a prominent digital health and personalized care firm, extends its healthcare IoT platform by integrating Smart Meter's cutting-edge solutions. This collaboration introduces Smart Meter's cellular-enabled monitoring devices to Validic's expansive network of SmartPartners, enhancing the accessibility of connected health solutions.

Validic's platform boasts the largest ecosystem of connected health devices and apps, facilitating the seamless transmission of personal health data from over 540 home health and wearable devices in near-real-time.

Through a unified endpoint connection, organizations gain access to a plethora of health metrics including blood pressure, blood glucose, heart rate, weight, temperature, sleep patterns, nutrition, respiratory health, and activity levels. With user-friendly technology at its core, Smart Meter stands as a trusted leader in cellular remote patient monitoring (RPM) solutions, empowering a vast network of SmartPartners to collaborate directly with healthcare providers in improving patient care. The platform reliably delivers millions of vital health data readings, enabling healthcare providers to make informed decisions in real-time.




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