Smith+Nephew launches OR3O™ Dual Mobility System in Japan for use in primary and revision hip arthroplasty

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Smith+Nephew, the global medical technology business, today announces the launch of its OR3O Dual Mobility System for use in primary and revision hip arthroplasty in Japan. Compared with traditional solutions, dual mobility implants have a small diameter femoral head that locks into a larger polyethylene insert - increasing stability, reducing dislocation risk, and offering improved range of motion.

While most competitive devices utilize a Cobalt Chrome (CoCr) liner along with CoCr or ceramic head balls, OR3O incorporates Smith+Nephew’s latest advanced bearing surface, OXINIUM DH, for its liner and proprietary OXINIUM on XLPE for its femoral head and polyethylene inserts. This eliminates both the modular CoCr liner and/or CoCr head ball from the construct - reducing wear and corrosion risks that have been associated with the alloy.

OXINIUM DH (Diffusion Hardened) is a unique variation of Smith+Nephew’s OXINIUM Technology platform that increases the depth of hardening through an additive manufacturing process.

The modular dual mobility segment was introduced to Japan in 2013 and has continued to grow globally. Post-operative dislocation is the second most common reason for revision of a total hip replacement globally3-6 and remains a serious concern for surgeons when performing total hip arthroplasty. Studies have shown dual mobility is uniquely positioned to manage dislocation, better than metal-on-metal or ceramic-on-ceramic large head series.7

“Smith+Nephew’s OR3O Dual Mobility System is a groundbreaking introduction for Japan that offers technology not available in competitive systems,” said Shinya Dobashi, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, North Asia, Smith+Nephew. “Over a dozen peer reviewed publications have now cited or expressed concerns over corrosion or elevated ions in CoCr modular dual mobility liners.8-20 The reduced corrosion1 of our OXINIUM and OXINIUM DH bearing surface sets OR3O apart from the competition.”

Smith+Nephew’s OR3O™ Dual Mobility System is available in Japan for both primary and revision applications and offers cross-compatibility with the R3™ Acetabular System.

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