SOFIE and GE Healthcare's Partnership for Advancing FAP PET Radiotracer Development

Thursday, October 12, 2023

GE Healthcare recently announced an exclusive global licensing partnership with SOFIE Biosciences, a Virginia-based company. The focus of this collaboration is on the development, manufacturing, and commercialization of diagnostic products utilizing Gallium-68 and Fluorine-18 to target fibroblast activation protein (FAP). In this agreement, GE Healthcare secures global rights for [68Ga]FAPI-46 and non-U.S. rights for [18F]FAPI-74, both of which are currently undergoing Phase II clinical trials in the United States.

FAP, an enzyme found in cancer-associated fibroblasts (CAF), plays a crucial role in the tumor microenvironment by supporting the growth and spread of cancer cells. Given the prevalence of CAFs in various cancer types, including breast, pancreatic, colorectal, lung, liver, and gastric cancers, the development of FAP-targeted diagnostics holds immense potential in oncology and other areas like inflammation, fibrosis, and arthritis.

Drawing on the progress achieved through SOFIE's sponsored trials in the U.S. and the FAPI Global Outreach Program, which collaborates with 130 academic institutions in 39 countries to explore FAPI's clinical applications, GE Healthcare aims to develop FAP imaging products. These products will undergo clinical trials, regulatory approval processes, and eventual commercialization in different regions, guided by a joint steering committee comprising representatives from both SOFIE and GE Healthcare.

Usankar Thiru, Strategy & Evaluation Director at GE Healthcare’s Pharmaceutical Diagnostics segment, expressed the importance of expanding their innovation pipeline to enable precision healthcare decision-making and expressed excitement about their collaboration with SOFIE to achieve these objectives.

Sherly Mosessian, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer at SOFIE, emphasized the significant potential of the FAPI family of compounds in diagnostic and companion diagnostic use and expressed enthusiasm about the global collaboration with GE Healthcare.

GE Healthcare’s Pharmaceutical Diagnostics segment is a global leader in imaging agents supporting approximately 100 million medical procedures annually across cardiology, neurology, and oncology.


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