Soin Neuroscience Begins Human Trials for Very Low Frequency Spinal Cord Stimulation

Thursday, July 27, 2023

Soin Neuroscience, a biotech startup based in Dayton, OH, is making strides in the development of an innovative spinal cord stimulator system to treat chronic pain. Recently, they announced their successful testing of the TunedTX platform using very low frequency stimulation. According to Dr. Amol Soin, this low-frequency approach may lead to a novel mechanism of action in spinal cord stimulation by potentially blocking axonal conduction through neural inhibition via sodium channel inactivation.

Currently, Soin Neuroscience has initiated initial testing in humans to evaluate the safety and tolerability of the very low frequency stimulation. Dr. Soin emphasized the paramount importance of safety, particularly in terms of charge balancing, and expressed confidence in the TunedTX platform, which is uniquely designed to deliver such low frequencies while maintaining charge balance. He also highlighted the potential advantages of their waveform design over other existing systems.

It is important to note that Soin Neuroscience's spinal cord stimulation system is not yet FDA approved and is being used for investigational purposes only. Dr. Amol Soin clarified that their exploration of very low frequency stimulation is part of their broader effort to test various novel waveforms, both high and low frequencies, with the aim of providing a versatile experience for patients and empowering clinicians with effective tools to achieve optimal pain relief. The company is actively conducting laboratory experiments to determine the practicality and efficacy of these different approaches, with some potentially leading to viable programs, while others may not progress further."


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