Spectrum Dynamics Unveils VERITON-CT SPECT/CT Imaging System at Gustave Roussy Europe's Premier Cancer Treatment Facility

Thursday, March 21, 2024

Spectrum Dynamics Medical has announced the successful implementation of its VERITON-CT 400 system at Gustave Roussy, a prominent cancer center in Grand Paris, France. Renowned globally for its excellence in oncology care, Gustave Roussy ranks among the top oncology hospitals worldwide.

The VERITON-CT 400 is a cutting-edge digital SPECT/CT scanner, featuring a unique 360° CZT 12-detector design that offers superior imaging precision. This innovation allows for close proximity to the patient's body, enabling precise tumor localization and accurate diagnoses across various cancer types, including rare and complex tumors.

One of the system's key benefits is its exceptional sensitivity and energy resolution, facilitating swift and accurate imaging with Lu177 PSMA and Lu177 Dotatate agents. This capability not only aids in current diagnostic procedures but also lays the groundwork for future theranostic applications, enhancing treatment monitoring and efficacy assessment.

The VERITON-CT 400's digital detector technology provides several advantages, including high-definition imaging with reduced radiation exposure due to lower injected doses of radiopharmaceuticals, shorter scan times, and improved patient comfort. These features are particularly crucial for pediatric patients, where minimizing radiation exposure and scan duration is paramount.

Additionally, the system's ability to perform I-123 MIBG 3D whole-body scans in a single step, with higher image quality and shorter scan times compared to standard gamma cameras, represents a significant advancement in patient care and management.

Overall, the introduction of the VERITON-CT 400 at Gustave Roussy marks a milestone in diagnostic imaging technology, offering enhanced capabilities for SPECT theranostic applications and improving outcomes for cancer patients.


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