St. Joseph's Children's Hospital First in Tampa Bay with Pediatric Leadless Pacemaker Implant

Saturday, February 03, 2024

St. Joseph's Children's Hospital's Patel Children's Heart Institute achieved a significant milestone by successfully implanting the first leadless pacemaker in a pediatric patient within the Tampa Bay region. The groundbreaking procedure utilized the Medtronic Micra™ AV2, known for being the world's smallest pacemaker. Dr. Kelvin Lau, the director of pediatric electrophysiology at St. Joseph's Children's Hospital, performed the surgery on a teenage girl who was born with isolated congenital heart block. Before the implantation, the patient experienced episodes of dizziness and fainting due to the underlying blockage. Fortunately, one month post-procedure, she has resumed her normal activities.

The Micra AV2, inserted through a vein in the leg, eliminates the need for a chest incision and lead placement, representing a significant advancement in cardiac care for pediatric patients. Unlike traditional pacemakers, which require a chest incision and lead insertion, the Micra AV2 offers a more streamlined approach to pacemaker implantation. Furthermore, its longer battery life, extending by 40% compared to previous models, means that patients may not require replacements for over a decade. Importantly, due to its small size and leadless design, the Micra AV2 does not necessitate surgical removal when a replacement is needed. This innovation marks a promising development in pediatric cardiology, offering improved outcomes and quality of life for young patients with heart conditions in the Tampa Bay area.


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