Stryker Unveils Cutting-Edge Gamma4 Hip Fracture Nailing System Across Europe

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Stryker, a leader in global medical technology, has introduced its Gamma4 Hip Fracture Nailing System to numerous European markets. This innovative system represents a significant advancement in Stryker's intramedullary nailing technology, aimed at improving surgical workflows and patient outcomes when treating hip and femur fractures.

The Gamma4 System has been developed based on extensive feedback from surgeons and incorporates features tailored to address fractures in various femoral regions, including intracapsular, trochanteric, subtrochanteric, and shaft areas, even in patients with osteoporosis or osteopenia. Notable enhancements include a redesigned nail with features optimized for anatomical precision and ease of use. Utilizing data from Stryker's SOMA database and 3D bone models, the Gamma4 features a chamfered distal tip, a shortened proximal body, and length-dependent curvature to ensure a perfect fit.

Additionally, the system streamlines surgical procedures with the Precision Pin™, which provides enhanced resistance to pull-out and reduces the risk of skiving compared to traditional methods. Integration is another key aspect, as Gamma4 and T2Alpha nails now share a common instrument platform, simplifying surgical logistics for healthcare providers.

Stryker's collaboration with customers and dedication to innovation are evident in the development of the Gamma4 system. With its advanced features and improved design, this system promises to elevate orthopedic practices and improve surgical outcomes for patients with hip fractures.


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