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SugarBEAT® Receives SFDA Approval, Announces Nemaura Medical

Friday, August 18, 2023

Nemaura Medical, Inc., a prominent name in the realm of medical technology, has reached a significant milestone with the Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) bestowing approval upon their pioneering product, sugarBEAT®. This groundbreaking achievement adds to Nemaura's reputation as a developer of innovative solutions in glucose monitoring, poised to revolutionize health management practices.

This accomplishment follows an extensive period of collaboration between Nemaura and SFDA, facilitated by the company's licensee in the Middle East, TPMENA. The SFDA's approval marks a notable stride towards introducing sugarBEAT® to the largest territory in the Middle East, an area burdened with some of the highest diabetes rates worldwide.

Saudi Arabia is particularly affected by the diabetes epidemic, with an alarming 18.3% of its adult population grappling with the condition—far exceeding the global average of 9.3%. With nearly 4.5 million individuals in Saudi Arabia contending with diabetes, there exists a dire need for advanced and effective diabetes management solutions.

The sugarBEAT® sensor's unique non-invasive design and user-friendly functionality position it as a promising tool in tackling this pressing healthcare challenge. Given that a significant portion of Saudi Arabia's adults—nearly 39%—remain unaware of their diabetic status, innovative monitoring solutions like sugarBEAT® can play a pivotal role in preventing complications and elevating overall health outcomes.

Nemaura Medical's recent receipt of a provisional purchase order for 1.7 million sensors and 17,000 devices from TPMENA highlights the escalating demand for groundbreaking solutions in the region. The company is primed to make substantial contributions to diabetes and metabolic health management programs by leveraging its cutting-edge sensor technology.

The SFDA's endorsement not only signifies a significant leap in Nemaura's trajectory but also establishes the company as a key player in diabetes management throughout the Gulf region and beyond. The company's unwavering commitment to improving healthcare outcomes resonates with the urgent need for enhanced and sustainable management tools in the face of rising healthcare costs.

Nemaura Medical's innovative approach, combined with SFDA's seal of approval, offers a ray of hope to individuals grappling with diabetes and metabolic health issues. As the company continues to engage in discussions and collaborations, its visionary sensor technology and health management programs are poised to play a pivotal role in reshaping diabetes care and prevention strategies on a broader scale.

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