SyMRI 3D by SyntheticMR Gears Up for Early 2024 Launch After Securing CE-Marking

Monday, December 18, 2023

SyntheticMR has recently received CE marking approval in the EU for their cutting-edge imaging solution, SyMRI 3D, which promises to revolutionize medical diagnostics. Scheduled for a commercial launch at the start of 2024, SyMRI 3D brings forth isotropic 3D resolution, offering unparalleled accuracy in brain imaging.

This innovative solution introduces advanced capabilities in quantitative MRI by incorporating 3D resolution into quantitative values and tissue segmentations. It is poised to significantly enhance precision in medical imaging, paving the way for a new era in diagnostics and post-processing applications within SyMRI.

One of the standout features of SyMRI 3D is its ability to provide precise volumetric estimations of brain regions through a technique known as parcellation. This enables clinicians to gain deeper insights into brain structure and function, facilitating a more comprehensive understanding of various medical conditions.

Moreover, the exceptional resolution offered by SyMRI 3D allows for thorough lesion analysis, promising a more accurate and detailed assessment of medical conditions. This advancement in imaging technology is expected to empower physicians to make more informed decisions using quantitative imaging, ultimately leading to improved patient care.


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