Syniad's Gemina Laboratories and ReadyGo Diagnostics Make Significant Progress in Diagnosing Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Using Saliva Samples

Tuesday, June 06, 2023

Gemina Innovations Inc. (Syniad) is excited to announce a significant achievement in collaboration with Gemina Laboratories Ltd. and ReadyGo Diagnostics Ltd. Gemina Laboratories, known for their fast, accurate, and affordable diagnostic tests, has joined forces with ReadyGo, a molecular diagnostics developer based in Bath, UK. The collaboration aims to enhance Gemina's molecular diagnostics capabilities and complement their lateral flow program.

Through their collaboration, Gemina and ReadyGo have successfully demonstrated the feasibility of detecting Mycobacterium Tuberculosis (MTB) in saliva samples using the ReadyGo GEO platform. This breakthrough has the potential to revolutionize MTB testing, particularly in countries like India, Indonesia, and other affected regions, where affordable testing can have a significant impact on MTB eradication efforts.

The traditional diagnosis of MTB relies on smear microscopy using sputum samples, which has limitations, especially in remote areas and when diagnosing certain patient populations. Utilizing saliva as a sample for MTB detection through a molecular diagnostic test can address these challenges and improve testing accessibility.

Moving forward, Gemina and ReadyGo will continue their partnership to develop a full product utilizing the GEO platform. The goal is to launch an MTB Screening Test in 2024 that can replace smear microscopy with a simple saliva sample. This innovative solution aims to provide fast and affordable results, with the potential for a compact laboratory instrument priced under $1000 and a per-test cost of $5.

Brian Firth, CEO of Gemina, expressed his satisfaction with the partnership and the progress achieved in developing better diagnostics for managing patients with tuberculosis. He highlighted the potential impact of detecting MTB in saliva, leading to a significant advancement in global health and the potential eradication of tuberculosis.

Ben Cobb, CEO of ReadyGo Diagnostics, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration and their shared vision of creating cost-effective molecular diagnostics for tuberculosis. The partnership aims to provide an affordable triage tool that can replace smear microscopy, particularly in resource-constrained areas. ReadyGo is committed to becoming a preferred development partner for companies seeking molecular diagnostics solutions in diverse healthcare environments.


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