SyntheticMR and Philips Enhance Global Collaboration to Advance SyMRI 3D

Friday, December 01, 2023

SyntheticMR announced an expansion of its collaboration with Philips, incorporating SyMRI 3D into Philips' global offerings pending regulatory clearance. This strategic move allows Philips to integrate SyMRI 3D into its global price book, providing customers with a comprehensive imaging solution.

SyMRI 3D represents a cutting-edge imaging solution with isotropic resolution, set to transform the medical imaging landscape by introducing innovative applications within SyMRI's post-processing solution. The advanced SyMRI 3D sequence brings 3D resolution to quantitative values and tissue segmentations, ensuring a level of precision in quantification comparable to SyMRI's 2D imaging.

One key feature of SyMRI 3D is its ability to enable precise volumetric estimations of brain regions, commonly referred to as parcellation. This empowers clinicians to gain deeper insights into both the structure and function of the brain. The exceptional resolution provided by SyMRI 3D further enhances lesion analysis, allowing for a more accurate and comprehensive assessment of various medical conditions.

It's important to note that the inclusion of SyMRI 3D in Philips' global offerings is contingent upon obtaining the necessary regulatory clearance, emphasizing a commitment to ensuring these advancements meet the required standards for widespread use. Overall, this expanded partnership and the introduction of SyMRI 3D hold significant promise for advancing the capabilities of medical imaging technologies.





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