Tampa General Hospital Teams Up with Stel Life In Offering Seamless Remote Health Care Technology

Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Consider it more than a remote possibility. Nearly 1,000 Tampa General Hospital (TGH) patients are proof that patient care can be provided at home by using advanced technologies that communicate with health care providers.

Remote patient monitoring is a continually growing trend in health care that allows caregivers to receive important health information about patients. The updates from a patient at home allow health care experts to make real-time decisions in a virtual setting that can help patients experience the best possible health.

Tampa General, an academic medical center on Florida's west coast, is conducting a remote patient monitoring project focused on patients with such primary chronic conditions as:

  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • Congestive heart failure (CHF)
  • High blood pressure

"Our goal is to improve quality outcomes and the lives of patients,'' said Jason Swoboda, director of Innovation at Tampa General. "The hope is to support chronically ill patients in the comfort of their homes. It's really about improving quality of life for those we serve."

Tampa General Hospital is collaborating with an innovative digital health connectivity company Stel Life on the system's hardware and software. Stel's "Vitals Hub'' integrates with health monitoring devices, including:

  • Scales
  • Blood pressure cuffs
  • Glucometers (blood sugar testing)
  • Thermometers

One advantage of the Stel Life operating system is its simplicity. Patients who are not accustomed to using smartphones or who may not have access to advanced technology benefit from the fact that the Stel Hub is "plug and go." The Stel Hub seamlessly and securely connects wireless health devices to electronic health records without complex setup or mobile applications.

"The Stel Hub works without patients needing smartphones, Wi-Fi, or for those who don't have a comfort level with technology. Stel has worked hard to simplify digital access and health equity barriers by improving access to care so patients are not left behind as their care evolves," said Sid Kandan, CEO of Stel Life. "Patients just need to plug the Vitals Hub into a wall outlet and take their vital signs as requested by their care provider. Patients won't need to play around with setting screens or app setup flows to connect with their care team."

To scale Tampa General's remote patient monitoring solution, the academic medical center has partnered with Signallamp Health Inc. to provide the clinical capacity to support the expanded care. "With real-time patient vitals and dynamic collaboration through a multidisciplinary team, including the patient's primary care physician and the clinical pharmacy, Signallamp Health's team of clinicians ensures continuity of patient care. Clinical parameters customized by the provider and readily-accessible care management resources provide patients with a high-touch and personalized experience that keeps them active in their own care," said Drew Kearney, co-founder and CEO of Signallamp Health.

According to The Journal of the American Medical Association, people receiving care at home had a 26% lower risk of readmission to the hospital and a lower risk for long-term care admission than hospitalized patients.

"Our partnership with Stel Life and Signallamp is part of our commitment to driving world-class innovation that truly improves the quality of care our patients receive," said Rachel Feinman, vice president of Innovation at Tampa General and managing director of TGH Innoventures, the hospital's innovation center and venture capital fund. "Remote patent monitoring solutions like Stel and Signallamp are a real game changer in providing at-home care for patients with chronic conditions."

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