Terarecon, A Division Of Concertai, Joins Forces With Gleamer To Elevate Clinical Ai Capabilities On The Eureka Clinical Ai Platform

Monday, August 14, 2023

TeraRecon, a pioneer in advanced visualization and AI technology as part of ConcertAI, has established a strategic partnership with GLEAMER, a leading player in AI-driven medical imaging solutions. This collaboration represents a significant advancement in the radiology field, involving the integration of GLEAMER's cutting-edge BoneView and ChestView solutions into TeraRecon's Eureka Clinical AI Platform.

The integration of GLEAMER's FDA-approved BoneView and its CE-certified counterpart seamlessly merges with the Eureka Clinical AI platform, ushering in a new era. These AI-powered solutions excel in rapidly identifying bone fractures, revolutionizing the practices of medical professionals across various specialties, including radiologists, orthopedic surgeons, emergency physicians, family practitioners, and physician assistants. BoneView's ability to swiftly pinpoint fractures in X-ray images, along with its streamlined validation process, equips healthcare practitioners with an intuitive tool that saves valuable time while maintaining unwavering reliability.

The partnership also extends to include GLEAMER's ChestView (CE), an innovative AI solution designed specifically for detecting pulmonary nodules. This integration significantly enhances the diagnostic capabilities of the Eureka Clinical AI Platform. Radiologists and clinicians benefit from ChestView's proficiency in triaging cases and enhancing diagnostic accuracy for chest X-rays. With the capability to detect various anomalies such as pneumothorax, pleural effusion, alveolar syndrome consolidation, nodules, and mediastinal masses, ChestView becomes an indispensable asset for medical practitioners.

TeraRecon and GLEAMER share a mutual vision focused on advancing the field of medical imaging and, ultimately, improving patient outcomes. This partnership underscores their unwavering commitment to ushering in a new era of healthcare solutions. The combination of their expertise and innovative drive aligns with the goal of providing radiographers, radiologists, and clinicians with empowering tools for optimal patient care, precisely when they are needed most. This collaboration enriches the capabilities of healthcare providers and enhances the overall patient journey.

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