Thermo Fisher Scientific LauncTumoroid Culture Medium to Facilitate the Advancement of Innovative Cancer Treatments

Thursday, June 29, 2023

Thermo Fisher Scientific, a renowned leader in the field of scientific services, has announced the release of an innovative product called the Gibco™ OncoPro™ Tumoroid Culture Medium Kit*. This groundbreaking kit is specially developed to facilitate the expansion of patient-derived tumoroids, commonly known as cancer organoids, across multiple cancer indications. It is the first commercially available culture medium of its kind, representing a significant advancement in the field of cancer research and personalized medicine.

Cancer remains a leading cause of death worldwide, and the development of new cancer therapies faces significant challenges, with a high failure rate observed in clinical trials. Patient-derived tumoroids, which are cultures of tumor cells obtained from individual patients, show promise in improving the success rates of clinical trials by providing more accurate disease modeling and predicting patient responses to treatments in laboratory settings. However, the use of tumoroids in cancer research has been limited due to the complex culture requirements and the absence of commercially available media systems.

To address these limitations and make complex cancer models more accessible to researchers, Thermo Fisher Scientific has introduced an off-the-shelf, modular tumoroid culture medium kit. This new product aims to facilitate the utilization of tumoroid models, which closely mimic donor tissue, in order to expedite the drug development process.

Brian Douglass, the Vice President and General Manager of Cell Biology at Thermo Fisher Scientific, acknowledges the challenges posed by cancer's unpredictable nature and the urgent need for life-saving treatments. Thermo Fisher is committed to supporting the scientific community in harnessing the potential of tumoroid models to advance drug discovery.

Thermo Fisher not only provides the OncoPro Tumoroid Media system to simplify tumoroid workflows but also offers Tumoroid Assay Development Services for outsourced screening and characterization. Researchers can access seven unique OncoPro Tumoroid Cell Lines representing various cancer types. The OncoPro Tumoroid Culture Medium Kit includes a scalable and automation-compatible suspension culture method, making it easier to work with.

Erik Goka, PhD, Vice President of Biology at Revere Pharmaceuticals, acknowledges the superior predictive capabilities of tumor organoids compared to traditional 2D cell lines. He highlights the importance of the OncoPro Tumoroid Culture Medium Kit in seamlessly integrating tumoroids into research and drug discovery processes. The kit enables consistent propagation of organoid models regardless of the tissue of origin, thus making tumor organoids more accessible for everyday use in the laboratory.

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