Transforming Sterile Processing: Crothall Healthcare and Ascendco Health Unite to Enhance Surgical Instrument Tracking and Quality

Friday, May 10, 2024

Crothall Healthcare and Ascendco Health have teamed up to usher in a new era in Sterile Processing.

This innovative partnership aims to elevate standards in instrument tracking and overall quality within healthcare facilities across the nation.

Combining Crothall's expertise in data-driven processes with Ascendco's advanced instrument tracking technology, the collaboration seeks to empower Sterile Processing Department (SPD) professionals with the tools and knowledge needed to achieve peak efficiency, accuracy, and patient safety.

Regional Director of Operations at Crothall Healthcare, hailed the partnership as a significant advancement for Sterile Processing.

Highlighted Ascendco's dedication to technological innovation, which complements Crothall's proficiency in implementing best practices, with the shared goal of enhancing patient safety and surgical service quality.

Crothall's data-driven approach has yielded impressive results, including a 90% improvement in audit compliance, a 50% reduction in process errors, and productivity gains of up to 62%.

The Ascendco Sonar Tracking System, known for its effectiveness in surgical device management, will play a crucial role in the partnership. By meticulously tracking instruments throughout the surgical workflow, Sonar provides essential data and insights to optimize efficiency and minimize errors..

Expressed excitement about partnering with Crothall Healthcare, citing their shared commitment to revolutionizing sterile processing.

The collaboration aims to equip sterile processing professionals with the tools necessary to ensure all products entering the Operating Room meet the highest standards.

Crothall and Ascendco will develop industry-leading protocols and analytics to empower sterile processing technicians, ensuring consistent delivery of exceptional results across the country.

This partnership seeks to optimize efficiency and quality in sterile processing departments, thereby safeguarding patient well-being.


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