UCC Introduces New Research Initiative in Future Ageing and Brain Science

Saturday, December 16, 2023

University College Cork (UCC) has launched an extensive research initiative to advance our understanding of brain disorders and the ageing process. This new phase, titled UCC Futures – Future Ageing and Brain Science, signifies a significant commitment to research recruitment and prioritization. The primary objective is to drive groundbreaking discoveries and technologies addressing the challenges associated with brain disorders and age-related diseases.

Future Ageing and Brain Science underscores UCC's dedication to transdisciplinary research and education, leveraging its established expertise to address the rising issues linked to brain disorders and ageing-related conditions. This prioritized research area aims to promote healthy ageing, particularly by emphasizing the enhancement of brain health to combat prevalent causes of dependency and institutionalization in communities, both locally in Ireland and globally.

Recognizing the formidable challenges presented by ageing and brain disorders in contemporary society, UCC's initiative seeks to develop sustainable solutions addressing health, socioeconomic factors, and cultural aspects. The goal is to navigate the complexities and opportunities associated with a growing and ageing global population. As part of this ambitious initiative, UCC is currently inviting applications for 15 academic positions within UCC Futures – Future Ageing and Brain Science.

These positions, ranging from Lecturer to Professor, will span multiple Schools and encourage interdisciplinary research collaborations across all Colleges, with a particular focus on the College of Medicine and Health. UCC encourages applications, especially from those with disruptive and transformative research focuses and individuals positioned at the intersection of these critical disciplines.


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