UniDoc Launches AI-Powered eHealth Services in Alaska

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

UniDoc Health Corp., a leader in eHealth innovation, is excited to announce the deployment of an H3 Health Cube in Ketchikan, Alaska. This strategic initiative, carried out in collaboration with Planet Defense, LLC, marks a significant leap forward in delivering healthcare solutions to remote and underserved areas.

This project serves as a pilot to evaluate the operational and societal benefits of the Health Cube in Alaska and beyond. Through this partnership, UniDoc aims to extend AI eHealth services, enhancing access to quality healthcare for communities facing geographical challenges.

The partnership seeks to enhance access to essential medical services for underserved populations, thereby improving patient outcomes. Equipped with remote-connected medical technology, the UniDoc cube will provide a range of services, including primary care, specialized consultations, chronic disease management, and preventative care.

These services, comprising real-time in-person and eHealth consultations, diagnostics, treatments, and monitoring, empower patients to manage their health and wellness effectively. Each clinic will be staffed with a registered nurse (RN) and a qualified technology specialist, bringing advanced healthcare services directly to underserved communities.

By addressing geographical barriers, transportation limitations, and healthcare infrastructure gaps, these clinics aim to bridge the gap between rural populations and healthcare providers. Ultimately, this initiative aims to improve patient healthcare outcomes and overall well-being in remote areas like Ketchikan, Alaska.


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