UniVida Medical Centers Embraces eClinicalWorks Cloud EHR for Enhanced Growth and Value-Based Care

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

UniVida Medical Centers recently made the transition to the intelligent eClinicalWorks Cloud EHR, the largest ambulatory cloud EHR, to enhance their focus on value-based care and improve operational efficiency. UniVida Medical Centers is committed to delivering top-notch patient care by collaborating with highly qualified physicians, utilizing cutting-edge technology, and prioritizing preventative care.

With eClinicalWorks' robust technology, infrastructure, and innovation, UniVida gains a solid foundation and scalability to support their strategic plans for the next decade. By adopting eClinicalWorks' unified solution, the medical practice can seamlessly integrate their medical centers, population health initiatives, and corporate operations, providing a higher level of services to their members.

Dr. Orlando Rodriguez, CEO of UniVida Medical Centers, highlighted the benefits of transitioning to the eClinicalWorks Cloud EHR, stating, "Before eClinicalWorks, we used a different EHR system to automate and streamline workflows. We moved to the eClinicalWorks Cloud to meet our organizational goals and prepare for future growth. We have Medicare, ACA, and Medicaid lines of business to provide clinical services for family members in the South Florida Market. With the help of eClinicalWorks Cloud EHR, we are looking forward to expanding our services to Central and North Florida in 2024."

The adoption of eClinicalWorks has enabled UniVida Medical Centers to implement value-based care initiatives, empowering them with the following:

1.    Immediate access to external patient data through the first health information search engine, PRISMA, which consolidates records from specialists, urgent care facilities, hospitals, and primary care providers.

2.    Improved quality and streamlined operations with HEDIS dashboards, standardizing workflows.

3.    Utilization of programs such as Chronic Care Management (CCM), Transition Care Management (TCM), and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) to ensure continuity of care and enhance patient outcomes.

4.    Ongoing support and a dedicated resource from eClinicalWorks to guide UniVida Medical Centers on their value-based care journey.

By partnering with eClinicalWorks, UniVida Medical Centers is better equipped to achieve their mission of delivering personalized and exceptional patient care while embracing the principles of value-based healthcare.


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