Unveiling the Future: Biocare Medical Introduces intelliPATH+, Elevating the Trusted intelliPATH FLX Staining System

Wednesday, December 06, 2023

Biocare Medical, renowned for its leadership in immunohistochemistry (IHC) and in situ hybridization (ISH) diagnostics, is excited to introduce the intelliPATH+ Advanced Staining Instrument. This sophisticated upgrade underscores Biocare Medical's ongoing commitment to advancing automated IHC staining processes, marking a notable expansion of its automated staining portfolio, which includes the well-regarded ONCORE Pro and ARC Decloaking Chamber.

Tailored for Versatility and Strong Antibody Staining:
The intelliPATH+ underwent a meticulous redesign, incorporating user feedback and leveraging the latest technological advancements. Now positioned as a fully open system, it provides continuous random access with immediate STAT capabilities. This forward-looking instrument ensures a seamless workflow, delivering enhanced speed and superior quality in IHC staining while minimizing waste. Designed for laboratory professionals seeking both the reliability of automated processes and adaptability for specific needs, the intelliPATH+ allows users to customize protocols for each of its 50 slide positions, ensuring precision and efficiency.

Feature-Enhanced for Optimal Laboratory Usability:
Building on the legacy of the intelliPATH platforms, the new intelliPATH+ features a revamped and scalable user interface designed to streamline laboratory workflows. The user-friendly interface simplifies navigation across various features, offering the flexibility of pre-set protocols or the option to create custom protocols.

Integrated Precision: Leveraging the Power of intelliPATH+ and ARC in Tandem:
Taking control of every analytical detail in the staining process, the intelliPATH+ system, when coupled with the latest ARC decloaking chamber, empowers users to achieve robust, reproducible, and vibrant staining results that outperform other market offerings. 


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