Vascanox HP® and Nitric Oxide Test Strips Join Designs for Health's Product Lineup, Elevating Cardiovascular Wellness

Friday, February 23, 2024

Designs for Health, a trusted name in professional-grade supplements supported by scientific research, is pleased to announce the launch of Vascanox HP® and Nitric Oxide Test Strips as part of its expanding cardiovascular health range. In today's dietary landscape, achieving optimal nitric oxide levels for heart health can be challenging due to nutrient deficiencies in many diets. Vascanox HP® and Nitric Oxide Test Strips aim to address this challenge by supporting vascular health alongside healthy lifestyle habits.

These new additions complement an already extensive portfolio of cutting-edge cardiovascular products, including Arterosil® HP, CoQnol™ 100 and CoQnol™ 200, Annatto-E™ 300, BergaVin™, NOx Synergy™, and Vessel Forte™. Nitric oxide is a crucial molecule for vascular health, facilitating efficient nutrient and oxygen transport while aiding waste removal. Vascanox HP® is formulated by cardiologists to promote heart health, regulate blood pressure, and support overall well-being by sustaining nitric oxide levels and optimizing blood circulation.

The Nitric Oxide Test Strips offer a convenient means to monitor and maintain optimal nitric oxide levels, crucial for cardiovascular health, immune function, athletic performance, muscular health, and healthy aging. Vascanox HP® capsules, enriched with beet extract, black garlic, berry extracts, and key micronutrients, provide sustained nitric oxide support for up to 24 hours.

Easy-to-use and non-invasive, the Nitric Oxide Test Strips provide actionable results within 10 seconds. Through its commitment to innovation and a diverse product pipeline comprising over 300 nutritional solutions, Designs for Health continues to lead the natural and integrative medicine movement, shaping a healthier world for all.




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