Vital Biosciences Unveils Innovative Point-of-Care Lab Testing Platform, Poised to Transform Patient Care

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Vital Biosciences has unveiled its groundbreaking product, the VitalOne, at the esteemed 2023 American Association of Clinical Chemistry (AACC) Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo. This revolutionary point-of-care lab testing platform is set to transform the field of diagnostics, promising to change the way healthcare is delivered forever.

The VitalOne aims to make blood diagnostics readily available by providing more than 50 lab-grade test results, covering 95% of routine lab orders, directly at primary care sites. With a compact device the size of a desktop computer, doctors will be able to test, diagnose, and initiate treatment all in a single patient visit, with results delivered to patients within just 20 minutes.

In a significant achievement, Vital Biosciences' executives presented the VitalOne to an enthusiastic audience of lab experts at the AACC meeting and received the prestigious Audience Choice award for this year's AACC Disruptive Technology Award.

The company has secured $48 million in funding from notable investors, including Lachy Groom, Northpond Ventures, Sam Altman, Marc Benioff, Labcorp, Inovia Capital, and Route 66 Ventures. These funds will be directed towards late-stage development, verification and validation processes, and the initiation of clinical studies.

The VitalOne promises to revolutionize point-of-care testing by eliminating accessibility barriers and expediting clinical interventions to prevent adverse outcomes and disease progression. The platform envisions a future where patients no longer have to face inconveniences like taking time off work, traveling between primary care doctors and labs, or enduring long waits for result discussions with healthcare providers.

Currently in late-stage development, the VitalOne offers comprehensive lab tests at primary care sites, including clinics, pharmacies, and in-home care facilities. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as microfluidics, computer vision, biochemistry, and robotics, the platform can simultaneously perform hematology, clinical chemistry, and immunoassays.

Designed for ease of use, the VitalOne automates sample preparation and quality control, reducing user time, training, and the likelihood of errors. The extensive test menu covers various use cases across different patient populations, spanning general wellness, elder care, women's health, and urgent care. This comprehensive range of diagnostic tests eliminates the need to send samples to central labs for the majority of primary care patients.

Vital Biosciences aims to make diagnostics universally accessible, creating a future of personalized, proactive, and readily available healthcare for all. The company is actively seeking collaborations with industry, academia, and the laboratory medicine community to further evaluate and refine the technology in partnership with the FDA. With the VitalOne on the horizon, the landscape of diagnostics is poised for a transformative shift, promising enhanced patient care and improved health outcomes.


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