Europeanhhm and Medtronic Partner to Enhance Post-Acute Stroke Patient Care in the U.S.

Wednesday, March 27, 2024, a leading provider of AI-driven disease detection and care coordination solutions, has announced a strategic partnership with Medtronic to enhance the coordination of care for cryptogenic stroke patients in the United States.

The collaboration aims to streamline communication between neurology and cardiology teams, particularly for stroke patients at risk of atrial fibrillation (AF) post-stroke. Utilizing's Viz Connect™ solution, healthcare teams can automate interdisciplinary communication, facilitating prompt cardiac monitoring referrals when needed.

Recent clinical studies have highlighted the necessity for standardized care pathways between neurology and cardiology to ensure that stroke patients receive appropriate therapy. Shockingly, only a small percentage of stroke patients in both community hospitals and academic centers receive cardiology consultations.

With over 795,000 stroke cases annually in the U.S., approximately 35% are cryptogenic, necessitating cardiac evaluation. Moreover, up to 20% of cryptogenic stroke patients may experience a subsequent stroke within two years.

Viz Connect has demonstrated its effectiveness in improving patient access to cardiac care post-cryptogenic stroke, with a notable increase in in-patient cardiology follow-up and minimal delay in cardiologist review.


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