WellSky Joins Forces with Google Cloud for Data-Driven Innovation and AI Integration in Solutions

Friday, February 02, 2024

WellSky, a prominent player in health and community care technology, has announced a strategic partnership with Google Cloud. The aim is to utilize Google Cloud's secure cloud technologies, advanced data analytics tools, machine learning capabilities, and its Vertex AI platform. This collaboration is expected to empower WellSky to address current and future challenges across the care continuum effectively.

Vertex AI from Google Cloud offers developers and data scientists extensive access to generative AI models, enabling them to create and customize their generative AI applications. Over the years, WellSky has heavily invested in modernizing its IT infrastructure, and this partnership with Google Cloud is poised to accelerate those efforts. The primary objective is to better anticipate client needs and enhance patient care outcomes.

WellSky is at the forefront of integrating new AI tools, including responsible generative AI, to complement human expertise and foster innovation in healthcare. By embedding AI tools into its solutions, WellSky intends to automate repetitive tasks, such as providing healthcare providers with immediate access to historical patient information and simplifying portions of the Outcome and Assessment Information Set (OASIS) assessment used in Medicare home healthcare.

The collaboration underscores the critical importance of implementing AI responsibly, particularly in the healthcare sector. Google Cloud's governance and privacy policies are designed to empower customers to maintain control over the usage of its tools. Their responsible approach to generative AI includes mechanisms for customers to monitor and review model outputs, employ safety guardrails, and access model documentation to ensure responsible use across various contexts.

WellSky reaffirms its commitment to privacy, fairness, reliability, equity, transparency, and accountability throughout the design, development, and deployment of its solutions. This commitment reflects the company's dedication to leveraging AI in a responsible and ethical manner to enhance patient care and outcomes within the healthcare industry.





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