Xcelerate Announces that Afya Sasa Signs Agreement with the National Hospital of Tanzania

Thursday, March 16, 2023

Xcelerate, Inc., announced that Afya Sasa Africa LLC, a subsidiary of Xcelerate, signed an Agreement to implement its Artificial Intelligence (AI) based health services at The National Hospital of Tanzania, Muhimbili National Hospital, Mloganzila in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, the largest hospital in East Africa. Muhimbili National Hospital System is the premier tertiary care hospital system (1,500 inpatient beds, 2,000 outpatient visits per day) for all of Tanzania, a country of 64 million people.

"We will start with MNH Mloganzila, then expand to MNH Upanga. Once successful there, the Ministry of Health will want the system for the whole country" said Professor Mohamed Janabi, Executive Director Muhimbili National Hospital. Dr. Dilan Ellegala, Senior Member of the Company's Advisory Board and Co-Founder of Afya Sasa Africa commented "This is our chance to demonstrate the effectiveness of our platform for large regional hospitals serving remote rural communities."

"The contract provides for revenues to come from multiple sources including member fees, technology (hospital) fees, prescription fees and virtual consultation fees (as a % of billings by the provider), as well as nationwide National Health System underwriting commitments once the system is fully integrated. This event is the culmination of one and a half years of work by the Afya Sasa team as funded by Xcelerate and we anticipate commencement of a revenue stream from this project by Q4 of 2023" commented Mike O'Shea, CEO of Xcelerate.

Afya Sasa leverages the power of advanced artificial intelligence to assist the clinician in the proper diagnosis, testing, and treatment to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of clinicians while providing the patient enhanced access to state-of-the-art care in line with the goals of the Government of Tanzania.

"Afya Sasa Africa can be customized to disease prevalence's by country and even to specific regions within a country and can be accessible in English and Swahili. "We believe Artificial Intelligence and Afya Sasa's System can bridge the gap in unmet healthcare need in the developing world" notes Sri Perera, Afya Sasa Tanzania Managing Director.

The Afya Sasa system is powered by AdviNOW Medical. The two companies have executed exclusive rights agreements for 10 initial priority markets across Africa including Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Malawi, Zambia, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Botswana, South Africa and Egypt, representing a total catchment of 1 billion people.

Over the ensuing months the Agreement provides for Afya Sasa Tanzania to begin execution in the following phases:

  • Assessment of IT and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems at MNH and Integration of Afya Sasa systems with MNH.
  • Launching of a pilot cardiac module.
  • Expansion to all primary and specialty medical areas.



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