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Ortho clinical diagnostics

Ensuring uninterrupted service delivery with remote IT enabled tools

Businesses have always had to manage high customer expectations, but the shift to digitalization has ramped up demands for speed, convenience, and responsiveness. Over the last few years, the scope and volume of customer interactions taking place online have surged.

More than 60% of organization polled over the last year have said the pandemic had raised their standards for customer service, and 80% believe the experience a company provides is every bit as important as the quality of its goods and services. All this has created a new paradigm for service providers to explore new effective ways of delivering service, remote resolution of issues ,software updates and even delivering trainings remotely to customers .

Many Organizations have further embarked down this path to ensure uninterrupted service delivery , by investing heavily in technology to meet new customer demands. In a recent study its clearly evident ,the secrets of successful digital transformation, improving customer experience was named the number one goal of organizations’ modernization or transformation programs.

But a keynote is to be aware , in parallel customer expectations will continue to evolve, meaning organizations will be chasing a moving target. Let's explore a few key areas where the Remote IT enables tools can help both the Organization and customer to be on the leading edge in these times of crisis and how it will shape the path forward .

Ortho clinical diagnostics

About Speaker:

Ravinthran Dhamodaram

Designation: Director Ortho Care ASPAC and Commercial Head Sales SG Cluster

Organization: Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, Singapore, Malaysian

Highly skilled Business leader with strong background in market presence enhancement, market share development, sales and operational efficiency improvements and product portfolio optimization in both domestic and international markets ( ASIA PACIFIC) With successful sales track record who has extensive experience in Customer Services, Technical Service, and technical support.Highly Business oriented individual with more than 20 years of experience in strategic business planning, business development, competitive market analysis, product development, management, sales and marketing of complex technology products to the manufacturing industry and consumer market. Proven ability to successfully analyze and identify organization’s inefficiencies and propose solutions that resulted in major contributions to the bottom line. Excellent people's management skills and would count on communication as a key strength which has helped build, establish, and maintain customer relationship. Driven to achieve success in every undertaking using dynamic leadership and business acumen to produce excellent Service record exceeding target quota.